Tomorrow is the day

The day in which I fix the 4Runner. After that I will decide whether it stays, or if it goes. It’s been great, but my sister has a friend with too much daddy money and offered me $4000 for the pile of electrical nightmare. That being said, it’s not really the vehicle that I need to dump, and it is the vehicle I need to make reliable.

Truth be told, I miss the shit out of daily driving it. It was a vehicle that I didn’t care if I got it dinged. It was a vehicle that tended to get people to move over. But it was a vehicle that was completely stress free to drive. It started when I needed it to, and it did what it was told. Besides being fast. And honestly, the wheel front end work I’m doing is sadly all it really needed to keep going. But I wanted a new car more.


And that last sentence isn’t really a knock against the FiST, because I love that car more than I’ve ever cared for the 4Runner. It makes me smile every single day, but it doesn’t change the fact that I really shouldn’t have bought it.

So yeah, a new car is almost never an answer to your vehicular problems, even if the problem gets less than 10mpg and takes 20 seconds to get to 60.


I owe this thing a lot, and regret letting it go to shit. I’ve done so much stupid shit with it, and it never really let me down. So many neutral drops trying to get someone else out of hole that it could have exploded. So many dumb mistakes that it could have killed me in. But nope, every single time I did something stupid, it pulled me out without breaking a single sweat.

But now, I haven’t even started it in two months, and I’m an asshole. 

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