We will be visiting several car-related destinations on our jaunt to Chicago. First of will be Duffy's Collectible Car dealer in Cedar Rapids, to see about picking up a new toy for the summer (hint: we won't be picking up jack diddly squat). Then, we will return to the land of movie cars and many things for sale that is the Volo Car Museum and Dealer. And finally, with a hat tip to Where have all the lightweights gone? for the suggestion, we will be heading to the Downer's Grover Classic Car Show on Friday night. However, I should remind you that between us and these wonderful destinations lies a vast, 310 mile wasteland of crop fields, wind turbines, 70mph speed limits enforced by police who only stop two types of cars: Out-of-staters and luxury cars, and the self righteous and the elderly doing 68mph in the left lane and refusing to move over, no matter how many times you flash your lights. I am talking, of course, about Iowa.

In the meantime, here are a couple cool cars I spotted today:

A well-restored 1935-7 Ford Pickup truck, complete with (correct me if I'm wrong) a Flathead V8.

A very cool Victory motorcycle at the DMV.


And the one generation newer version of my car, only in blue. Love those upgraded wheels as much as mine. I wonder how much they cost...

I should note that there is no obvious size difference between the two, only the rounder shape on the newer one makes it look slightly larger.