The college strike is powering through its fourth week, and it’s certainly going to run through a fifth week. Almost everyone’s gone home from residence at this point, which leaves just a handful of us. There are maybe eight cars in the parking lot. I’m sipping Gatorade as some people are sipping Tanqueray. I guess this is where and when some people break. Last night was a long one, but for a quite good reason which I can’t explain right now. Maybe later. The G35's been very reliable and eager to pound back the miles. It was undercoated and Rust Check’d yesterday in partial prep for the salty Ontario winter roads, and pretty soon I’ll be very happy to have the X-Ice Xi2s. For now I’ll just vibe out. Maybe I’ll go to the Falls, or maybe Toronto, or maybe both. My buddies are all either at uni, working, or far enough away that it wouldn’t exactly be a day trip to see them. Some rollers of the G35 under the lights would be cool, though.It looks like I’m going to miss my flight back for Christmas due to the strike. Not that I’m mad though. Waiting for good news sucks, but it’s still definitely better here than back west. Notice how I didn’t say back home. If BC was a sinking ship, maybe I’m on a life raft right now. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.