That’s all.

The mixer I went to was just a typical college party in a small house. Quite frankly, I’m just not capable or compatible. just think it’s stupid and I’m me. I mean guess I understand why people go to parties: to get wasted and drunk and hope they can maybe hook up with someone by the end of the night and maybe that’s fun for some people, but I’m not about that life frankly. There’s too many people in a crammed house, I don’t know anyone there, no ones interested in actually talking with anyone new, being stuck in their own circle or group. I guess it’s also not fun going to parties alone and had I gone with someone, maybe it would’ve been better (I know no one at my school who would go with me to one anyways. Of the three parties I’ve been to, the first one I was dragged to, the second I was willing to tag along, and this one I went on my own) It’s just wasted time for me and nothing is accomplished.

And me, I’m a sociable person among friends, not around strangers who I’ve nothing in common with, Can only be sociable around those people at parties if I was drunk, and there’s no way I can actually meet new people and create lasting relationships when everyone is not even really there.

Oh well.