Another Oppo transcends from the realm of 80-90s Japanese econo-boxes into the world of early-mid 2000's luxury.

So anyhoo. I checked the car out last weekend and liked it. Not having much luck with my car search, and liking this car. I decide to buy it. So I arrange to meet the guy to buy it. He says he can meet after five, which is fine, but then I remember the bank closes at 5. So I start walking to the bank, but realize I won’t get there in time. So I pick it up to a jog. I come to a driveway leaving the post office and there’s a Nissan Xterra sitting there waiting for a chance to pull out.

He’s not moving so I just keep jogging when he decides to pull out into traffic, I was halfway across the front of his car at this point. Thankfully I saw it in time and had enough room to react, so I turned a squared off against the car, laid my torso and arms on it, taking my weight off my legs, and rolled across his hood like a god damn ninja. Only suffered a couple of minor scrapes from said encounter.

Now on to the car. It’s a one owner 06 S40 T5. 5 cylinder’s with a low pressure turbo. Automatic transmission, which is a 5 speed Aisin unit.

I love it.

Just from the little I’ve driven it. The power from the turbo 5 is very, very smooth and I imagine a dyno would show a torque curve as flat as the corn fields in Kansas. I have no regrets about the auto. Not only is it convenient in traffic, but it shifts very quickly and is very responsive. For example when passing someone, it’ll downshift as soon as I get on the throttle and upshift as soon as I start letting off it. Idk if it’s actually a good auto or if it’s just more the fact that every car I’ve owned has been manual and I’ve been underestimating autos all these years thinking they are as bad as 90's and 80's slushboxes.


I’ll save further thoughts on the car for a later time when I’m more accustomed to it and such. Although one L U X U R Y feature I like about it, is that you can choose to not have the interior lights come on when you turn the car off. Which is nice, because I’m not used to cars that do that and I find it kind of unnecessary and weird.

One feature I don’t like, is that it has automatic climate control, which you can turn off. But whenever you adjust the temperature it shows the change in degrees rather than having a slider or something.

I don’t like auto climate control because

1) I don’t actually know what specific temperature I want it in the car, I just know if I want it warmer or cooler.  


2) If you have it on auto on a hot or cold day. It just blasts you with air. It’s ok, I can live with the air on medium speed for 10 minutes until it cools/heats up enough. I don’t need the blower motor to go super san on me when it’s 80F outside and I want it 65F in the car.

Another issue, is that it doesn’t have an aux port and it uses some kind of crazy fiber optic sound system, so to install an aux port you have to buy this adapter which is like $300.

I’ll probably just do what the previous owner did and get a cheap satellite radio thing, since it basically require no installation, is probably significantly cheaper, and I won’t have to burn off a dozen CDs and constantly be changing them out, since it’s not even the premium sound system with a 6 track. You pay damn good money for a Volvo in 2006 and don’t even get a 6 track! SMDH.


Also, the car comes with the original owners manual, a hardcover Haynes repair manual from YourRope, and a sun shade. Bet you’ve never gotten anything that cool with a used car before have you?