No spoilers inside, unless you have absolutely no idea what ISIS has been up to this season, and even then, it's minor.

So, a Toyota J40 Land Cruiser, right? Archer himself even called it a Land Cruiser in the episode, so don't give me any guff. With a Warn XD900oi winch, mud tires that look really familiar to me (can anyone identify them?)...

However, under the hood is a Jeep 4.0 inline six, with the stamped steel valve cover common to later engines (~ '96 or '97+) that replaced the earlier cast aluminum ones. No hoses, either. Probably to make room for all that coke.


Anyway, it's no biggie, and the show still rocks. The fact that the engine (not to mention the vehicle) is recognizable at all is still an impressive amount of detail for an animated show. And it's not as big of an error as when they made a front-wheel-drive Hachiroku.