Chris Evans is still absolute crap at voiceovers. He’s just too loud. But LeBlanc was quite funny and Reid is more than skilled at being an interesting presenter.

Interestingly, I think the weakest link this week was Harris’s review of the F12tdf. First, he fell into the trap of suggesting that it’s “the last of the big V12s” several times, which old Top Gear and the general automotive media have been whining about for years and still hasn’t happened. He’s nonetheless a great presenter, but it was just the least interesting film of the show.

Ken Block was predictably great, and LeBlanc’s comments added some nice levity to his mesmerizing driving ability. And Rory is actually a very passable presenter, giving good commentary and not being too overwrought or irritating like Evans has an alarming propensity to be.

The Star in a Rallycross Car segment was pretty bad. I’m not a fan at all of the new 2-guest format, as it doesn’t give Evans enough time to actually talk about the presenters and anything beyond their first car before they have to do the lap. Clarkson’s interviews felt much more personal, and Evans doesn’t do enough to keep the comic momentum going, though his radio background means this is the part of the show where he’s visibly most comfortable. Compound that with the fact that the guests now are presumably told to shill for one another, something old Top Gear made a concerted effort to avoid, and it just felt forced and Kevin Hart’s voice was still almost annoying as Evans’s. We did get a new fastest time from Anthony Joshua, though.

Other than that, I thought it was the best episode yet. Still needs more Schmitz.