I had another long day today. Lots of everything. But it went exceptionally well. Lots of success. I came home at 11 pm and made a steak and poured some scotch that came in the mail today. A bottle I have longed for - Ballantine’s 12 year aged. And I have the perfect show to watch while I sip it.


There was an anime called “Bartender” a while back that can be summed up as “Fancy booze solves your problems”. And one episode features a history of scotch and how each variety is different. It also has a lot of talk about how your ideals and passions can change as you grow older and the importance of finding the balance between the zeal of your youth with the wisdom of age. It....It honestly is an episode that aged like scotch. I have seen this episode 10+ times and still rewatch it for one reason or another almost every year and take something new from it. I love the show, and this episode is a strong one, so I hope you check it out.

Oh, and ballantine’s 12 year scotch is a lovely blend. It is also recommended.

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