What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I’m looking for a tonneau cover for my gladiator to increase the dry storage a bit and want a hard cover so its locked and relatively secure with the stock tailgate lock. My options are listed below, ranked how i am currently looking at it, but wanted to see if i’m missing anything. I do not want to have to remove the cover to take the roof off, so thats an important step (my garage ceiling isn’t high enough to let me make a hoist).

  1. Rollup Hard Cover- keeps everything dry and only raises the amount to lift the roof ~6/8 inches. A little pricey (requires the Jeep Trail Rail Kit at ~350), but seems to be the only option that allows me to use the full bed for something large(mulch, dressers), provides a secure place to store things (that would require as much work as breaking a window or prying a door open)
  2. The Upper Decker- keeps everything dry and barely raises the amount to lift the roof as it can support my weight and the roof weight (would need to pull it off of the deck then unto the tailgate then the ground). Price is good but I cant haul much unless I stack it ontop of the cover or remove the cover completely. Does have the added bonus that i could add storage to the sides or a rack easily.
  3. Trifold Hardtop- keeps everything dry, but requires either a much higher lift or removal of cover to take the roof off. Price is good but I blocks the back window when folded up. It is easy to remove, but the less things i need to remove to take the roof off the better

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