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So I’ve been really sick for the past three weeks now. The first doctor said it was a sinus and throat infection and put me on an antibiotic that only helped with the sinus infection. I saw a second doctor after the throat didn’t get better and in fact got worse and started a second round of antibiotics. Yesterday I saw an ear nose and throat specialist who put my on a third antibiotic and I’m feeling worse today than I did yesterday. The ENT mentioned removing my tonsils but that it was incredibly risky and I would bleed out if something was done wrong because I’m 25 and not less than 10 years old.

My throat hurts at an 8 level, I have tonsil stones, it’s making it harder to breath, I’m extremely fatigued and it’s spiking my anxiety and depression. I can’t work or go to class at this point and don’t know what to do. My anxiety is incredibly high. I think I’m going to try to get an appointment with a different ENT tomorrow. Hopefully for early next week. I don’t know what my options are at this point and I’m melting down.


Does anyone have any knowledge, experience or advice with this? I could really use some help.


Woke up this morning and was having some difficulty breathing so I took myself to the emergency room after finding out the next ENT appointment I could get within an hour radius was next Wednesday. I was there for a few hours and was diagnosed with viral bronchitis. Was given a throat steroid, and a breathing treatment. I also got a chest x ray that was clear and they did a blood test to check my white blood cells and something else which all came back clear. I’m sweating profusely (through my shirt) and breathing is better but not normal. I’m to rest for a few days and they think the steroid will help a lot. I’m also to continue staying on my asthma inhalers, Claritin, benzonatate all my antidepressants and anxiety meds and the ibuprofen and clindamycin (antibiotic). I’ve been home since 1 and have been coughing a lot but hopefully will feel better tomorrow. I’m confused by all the different diagnoses. I’m wondering if I’m picking up new stuff as the other infection start going away or if some of the doctors are wrong. I told the nurse about what the last ent said about it being incredibly risky and she was like “what” and hadn’t heard that before so I won’t be going back to that guy. I also wanted to thank everyone for you’re advice. It’s been over 3 weeks now and I’m hoping to get better soon.

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