Honda minivan runs stop sign at speed. Details after the jump.

Misses Valve Gear and I were returning home from a Saturday evening supper when we had a close call in the Mustang. This is a “T” intersection at the outer road of an interstate highway interchange. The outer road has stop signs (and signs warning people of the stop signs) on both sides. The perpendicular road that we were on does not have a stop sign; it has right-of-way over traffic from both directions on the outer road.

Now, this isn’t my first rodeo with this intersection. Many people assume it is a 3-way stop, and will pull out in front of you after coming to a stop at the sign. The misses and I are both wary of the intersection, and always look out for the other guys when we approach it. Which we did this time, too.

There is a lot of foliage to the right, and although you can see a car stopped or slowly approaching on the right, visibility is limited. I had looked right and left as I came up to the intersection, and didn’t see anyone at either stop sign. I started the turn when I caught something out of the corner of my eye... I braked hard as this Honda minivan rolled by the front bumper at a good speed. Obviously, the wide angle lens makes things look further away than in real life - the van was waaaay too close for comfort. Looking back at the video, the van doesn’t enter the view until after we are in the turn - no glimpse of it on our approach to the intersection. 

The van was from out of state. I really think the guy was oblivious to the entire thing. He never hit the brakes. I caught up to him - had a bit of adrenaline going - and it seemed like he had the cruise set to about 59 MPH. I really think he had the cruise set way before the stop sign, and zipped through at full speed. I followed for a ways and made sure I had the license plate number, then turned around and went home.


No harm, no foul I suppose. Ya’ll be careful out there...