“lost my virginity in the back with the seats folded down and the UB40 crank”

“got my first DUI and threw up my McRib sandwich all over the dashboard”

“shit my pants in the driver seat because I though I just had to fart”

“pet chicken and she did some damage to the interior”

“went to pick it up. I found two dead possums, Nickelback CD, a issue of peoples magazine and baby oil”

“wife couldn’t hold her load on the way to the hospital and had are 2 baby girls in the back with the seats folded down, but no UB40 was playing this time”


“so I swap the engine out and put in a 5.0 V8 (engine has about 268,000 miles on it) from a 1988 Mustang that I got from my sister’s crack head boyfriend.”

OOOOH! I see, it’s jsut lies.

http:// denver.craigslist.org/cto/5330791745…