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Too Many Parts

As I keep doing work on the Vette, I keep seeming to add on parts.

From the Oppo Fresno meet, bbq, and drive
From the Oppo Fresno meet, bbq, and drive
Photo: CaptDale

Thankfully found a guy selling a single mass conversion kit that was new and never installed for considerably less than a new one and since I have had cooling issues before after the car is back together I will run flush through the system mostly to clean the sleeves and the heater core and then I used the money saved on the clutch to purchase an aluminum 3 2" row radiator which will obviously only go in after the flush cause why gum up a new rad?

So list of new parts as of today:

  • Front engine seals
  • Oil pan seal
  • Transmission
  • Trans fluid
  • Clutch
  • Short-throw shifter
  • Weighted ball knob
  • All 30 bushings
  • Oil change
  • Antenna fix
  • Radiator
  • Engine mounts
  • Handful of clean up and minor fixes
  • Recover steering wheel
  • Recover headliner
  • Front bumper (If I get around to it)

Hell that is a list.... Hopefully the temps go down so I can get back to work

I would really like to sort out the exhaust too cause it drones like a MF and that is just terrible to be in the car for, but damn talk about adding more on the pile. But we shall see. She’ll be almost new at this point.


Damn cheap cars and me liking to have a nice car.


I forgot that I also got EBC Yellow stuffs and resurfaced the rotors too

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