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Too much bullshit be happening too early in the morning.

I stayed up till 4am finishing my paper and was hoping to be able to get some decent sleep till I had to be at class. What happens? Fucking WW3 right outside my room. Apparently one of my dogs had gone and pooped on the floor right by our exchange student’s room. Now in our house we have a “you find it, you clean it” policy regarding poop. So what does my brilliant exchange student with a perfect 4.0 gpa do? Covers it up with a goddamn paper towel. Well my parents see this and everyone decides to start yelling which wakes me up. I come down and ask everyone to calm the fuck down, to which I get yelled at to which I say to myself that it’s too early in the morning for this and go back up to bed, yelling still continuing. Fast forward an hour and my dad is shouting at me to come down because I have to let the exterminator in. And if I don’t my mom will have my ass because she’s already pissed off and stressed with work and taxes. So here I am awake at 8am when I didn’t have to be until 9 running on only about two 1 hour naps and I have to drive half an hour to school. I need my own place.


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