Too Much Fun

So as I’ve gotten older, I thought I grew out of loud vehicles. Then a couple weeks ago the muffler of the van gave up it’s internals, clogging the exhaust, and forcing me to make a choice.

Given it needs other work and exhaust anyway, I decided to just straight pipe it for the moment until I get things sorted, because a $6 pipe was cheaper for a temporary fix than a $60 muffler.

Surprisingly, it sounds very mean at idle and decent at low revs. It’s a bit rappy above 4k, but in a makes me giggle kind of way. It drones obnoxiously on the highway and when accelerating. The best part is the pops and gurgles when I downshift. Usually some mild pops, followed by some obnoxious backfires, followed by burbling when the revs mellow down.


This new obnoxious tone is addictive and makes me giggle like a little kid everytime it happens. It’s also led to 2 weeks of 12 mpg average as I’ve been driving it like a jackass pretty much daily.

I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help myself right now, it’s too much fun!!!!

Drifty van for your time:

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