Too Much Optimism

Well for the second (first?) time I am attempting to make my truck a Manuel. Last year’s attempt at getting this done failed. All I got done last year was replaced the broken brake line that caused me to stop driving the truck in the first place along with replacing a bunch of other stuff that broke while trying to replace the brake line. Still have air in the brake system (ABS unit) but don’t care, full steam ahead! I hoped I would at least be able to get the manual transmission bolted in this weekend and just have to deal with the transfer case but didn’t make it. I was able to get the automatic pulled out and start modifying the cab to make it Manuel. Rust fought me the whole way. Stupid midwest. Now will have to wait until I get free time again to continue.

The victim.
This is a NV3500 that I bought for a V8 S10 project that failed to happen.
This is more failed V8 S10 parts. I do need the transfer case though because the NV3500 has a 32 spline count output shaft and so does a 4L80. 4L60 only has 28 splines
This was in the way. Frustrating too because I replace all the studs and nuts a few years ago because of leaky exhaust donuts.
Also in the way.
Some progress. I will be swapping internal parts between the two transfer cases.
Made this adapter for getting the transmission out.
SUCCESS!!! One kinda broken 4L60 removed.
Surgery prep.
Operation complete.
The goodest helpers

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