So the wife and I went drive-thru cars shopping in Duluth last Saturday. As we rolled through the VW dealership I ooggled the new Sportwagens and her reaction was “I don’’t like it, they’re too wagon-y.” :(

She did however kinda fall in love with a new GTI that we reeeeeeeeeeally can’t afford at 32,xxx hanging on the mirror that still puts it 10-12k out of our tippy top budget.

We’ve pretty much worked out that we’d really like a white or grey 2008-2011 ish GTI four door with the plaid seats cuz she likes them. I’m especially hoping we can find a clean MK5 in white, as we’d like to say under 15k, altho we can go higher for the right car. plus the MK5 is cuter aka she likes it more.