Took a drive on Sunday to see some flowers

The flowers were all over Malibu on a sunny and warm day. But the best example I was able to capture was definitely on a short drive up Corral Canyon. The hills were alive with fields of yellow and thankfully the road was not too stuffed with tourists. Only saw small patches of poppy so it’s not like the “superbloom” going on to the East, but this was still pretty neat to see. Also note that I forgot to mute the video so my Subaru sounds like a lawnmower being at 4x speed along with some mice talking in the background. Looking forward to heading to the Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley next weekend hopefully, although I can guarantee the crowds will be horrendous. But I have been to Disneyland a few times so how much worse could it really be? At least in this case desert flowers will be far more interesting than an hour on a line for 30 seconds of ride, on repeat for 8 hours.


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