Never knew until today that there are 30 in North America and this is the largest. Also learned we have about 7000 burial mounds in Ohio. I have now seen 9 of those. Four of those we saw while attending the Southern Ohio Forest Rally in Chillicothe. Several were along the roads we traveled to get to the race stages. Was a great day out today, perfect 70-80 degree temps and afterwards we drove to get BBQ on the way back to Columbus. Its a great road trip with a few awesome driving roads thrown in. The picture files are big, don’t miss out by not looking at them enlarged on a computer.

The mound is on the rim of a 4 mile wide crater from an asteroid impact from 250 million years ago. The serpent mounds curved body and head has multiple alignment marks with equinox sunsets and moonrises. Would like to be here someday when one of those points align. In the panoramic picture below you can see two smaller burial mounds at each end of the shot.