Took a road trip in my C6

St. Louis to NY, and back of course.

My initial drive out was supposed to include a stop at the Corvette museum, but 1/2 hour into my trip I realized I forgot to fill the food bowl for my cats, and I don't have a friend that knows my new alarm system yet.

The ride out wasn't bad - drove 12 hours on Monday, and stayed at this entirely shitty hotel on I-11 in Carlisle, PA - Rodeway Inn. Never again will I stay in a cheap motel like this dump.


First he gives me my key - I run to Waffle House for a yummy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and head back to my room. I open the door - and scare the shit out of a family staying in that room. I apologized profusely even though in hindsight I should've told them to get out of my room. I went back to the front desk and told him the room was occupied - he asked me if it was an Indian family - I assume they were his relatives and staying there for free, which is why the room was still in the computer as "open". He gave me another room.

The room was disgusting - stains all over the chairs, and I didn't want to even walk on the floor barefoot. I slept on the bed with just the sheets and slept like shit - just what you need after a long day behind the wheel.

I woke up and left - and got stuck in traffic on I-78 in NJ due to a motorcycle accident. Thankfully both the rider and passenger of the Harley survived - they lost control changing lanes. Traffic was stopped for 45 minutes, and only a minute or 2 before traffic started moving did I remember that I could've been watching a movie on my stereo.

I headed up 95 and decided to take the Outerbridge crossing and Verrazano Bridge rather than the Holland Tunnel route that Google Maps suggested.


I did not fully appreciate how fucking awesome the roads in Missouri are - because the roads in NY are mostly shit, and there seems to be traffic everywhere.

Here's the Belt Parking Lot


The drive back I did straight through - 987 miles. I could've made it with only making one stop - I managed 502.1 miles out of the 1st tank of the day (29.32 mpg), but I stopped 2 exits from my house because the "Low Fuel" warning appeared a few times, and I only had ~20 miles of fuel left. After filling up I think I had a gallon left. I made it home in great time


I mostly cruised at 10 over the limit with a few blasts to pass people who sit in the left lane.

The ride there I rode with the stock tune, the ride back I left the custom tune on. I managed 30.1 mpg on one of the tanks heading there.


The C6 performed flawlessly. It's so comfortable to me - but I'm only 5'6" and about 150 lbs - so even Miatas are plush :) I had the targa out for a short time on the ride there, but it was so hot, and made it hard to hear the stereo.

I saw one cool car while I was there -a R8 w/ the V10 I think


My buddy has a friend with a C7 - we tried to line em up, but he wasn't so smooth with the shifting and went from 2nd to 5th. I was looking forward to seeing how much of a difference 50hp is. So instead here's a 2nd gear acceleration clip

And saw this on the ride home yesterday

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