After putting on 100,450 miles it was time to trade in my ‘04 Volvo S40 and get something new. Picked up this 2019 GMC Canyon 4x4 SLE with the V6 in this beautiful 2019 only (so far) blue color. I hated every minute of my car shopping experience and nothing went well at all! Walked out on three dealers, struggled to get car insurance for a ‘19 model year because companies are behind (also those MI prices, damn!), struggled with title issues since my trade in had an out of state title not in my name, struggled to coordinate financing with my out of state bank because the dealership offers were dreadful, oh and my trade in got a nail in the tire pulling in to the dealership driveway! But I got a solid truck for a good price with pretty much all the options I wanted (if only it was leather), and now I can tow my Trans Am when it inevitably breaks down.


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