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Jolene glamour shot at my grandma’s house.

Took Jolene out today and visited my grandmother. Also filled up with (non-ethanol) gas at the only station in town that sells it - which is conveniently not far from grandma’s house.

It was 90-something degrees with 70% humidity here in western Kentucky today. Thankfully, the car’s rebuilt and converted A/C system is ice cold. But, using it sure cuts down on gas mileage and what little power there is to begin with!


Barely cracked 20 MPG last tank. Oops. I also have a new O2 sensor to install. I’m thinking that’ll cure the intermittent check engine light and the low-ish gas mileage. I scanned the code late last autumn and it was leading to an oxygen sensor fault.

I’m just nervous about changing the sensor. God knows how old it is. It could be original, for all I know. I don’t want it to break during removal.

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