It’s fun to pretend you’re in the 30’s and 40’s, but browse Facebook while cruising along at 20mph. Apparently these trolleys used to do 75-80mph back in their heyday. I can’t believe it. But then again, I bet the tracks were newer and smoother.

They used to juice the trains from the depot which is now a museum. The generator is still there as is some of the fuses and cables.

You could charge a Tesla with one of these I bet.


Check out the brake shoes. Looks like they’re at the end of their adjustment. But at low speed there’s not much braking involved.

Took this while in motion. They run a 10 mile privately owned track from the museum out to a farmer’s stand, several times a day, for most of the year. This one of the last trips they make, as they put them away for the winter.


Very spartan cab, one at each end.


And yes, it is noisy.