Illustration for article titled Took Mrs. Grind to a concert last night, and what did I see? (Embigend for embigenning day!)

It was her birthday present. I’m not really into Sarah McLachlan, but, she makes pretty music and still has a great voice after thirty years performing. What I saw? A Gretsch white falcon she played, which is about as big as Sarah McLachlan herself. These things sound real real good. The gold bits reflected everything. A real showpiece.


[I embiginned am I a mod?]

Also on display was Sarahs gun collection. I had no idea she could lift, bro, but from the back of the theatre, we could tell she has been doing some serious upper body weight work. Every day is arm day! Her tour bus must have a full gym on board. Good for her. I can’t imagine thirty years of performing on tour food without doing something about it.

Overall, a real chill show, great mix of chill people, and a good time to appreciate great talent. Her, a piano, guitars, a very talented guitar/cello/vocalist backup. Nicely minimalist. I didn’t feel anything was missing.

Take your wife/girlfriend/yourself/significant-other if interested.

Musiclopnik score: yeah, good.


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