Good morning everyone! I made it to the service dept with 5 minutes to spare before they closed, whew. Now, we combed over my concerns one by one:

- The car’s alignment (steering got a little off center after an extremely windy day). - Dealership agrees that shouldn’t have happened, will be properly tightened up.

- Adjust passenger door’s latch (pull it in a little to prevent the whistling in wind). - Common issue, sometimes they ship them from the factory like that for some reason. Will be fixed.


- Replace faulty fuel tank/fuel sensor. - Also common issue right now with 2016s and 2017s, replace with redesigned tank.

- Fingerprint embedded in clearcoat (may have to take a pass on that because you know, ice cold and all that). - Paint guy thinks it’s embedded in wax not paint, but will fix anyway.

- Cracked bonnet latch. - It actually wasn’t cracked, but the paint was separating for some reason, will be replaced.

- Get a confirmation on what that weird hollow noise coming from the left rear wheel is. - Apparently all 453 smarts do this, no explanation as to why just yet.


While they’re fixing my issues, they gave me this little guy as a loaner...I kinda hate/love it.


This one is the bare bones base spec pure model, and there are some glaring issues that make me glad I went for a top spec model:

- No seat height adjustment. Ugggh I hate when cars don’t have this, especially in a vehicle that has amazing headroom like a smart. I’m not even short either, average height for a woman. I mean, it seriously couldn’t cost a whole lot of money making seat height adjustment a standard feature. I can’t find a 100% comfortable position in this car. Either my left leg is awkwardly perched on the dead pedal, or my arms are stretched out reaching for the wheel.


- Manual mirrors - The car is crazy narrow, yes...but it does have automatic was power mirrors just one bridge too far?

- Hubcaps - The 453's caps look like some dollar store knockoffs, they don’t go with the design at all. I like the caps from the 451:


They’re made out of aluminum and have these cool little fan blades on them.

On a 453, I’d rather take the ugly things off and just run the steelies.

Overall though, I’m rather amused at how they tried to make a smart cheap just by giving it cheap looking parts...that probably cost money to make look cheaper in the first place.


Also, there was this goober who harassed me and tried to run me off the road for 10 miles last night (in the loaner smart). Police didn’t really gave an optimistic answer when I reported the license plate. I didn’t really hear what him or his girlfriend had to say to me (they were only like 18) thanks to some awesome music I was listening to.


He had a fuller Confederate Flag on the left side too. Bet he’s fun at parties...

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