Took some pictures last night

I’m honestly not that pleased with them. I dunno what it is. There’s just a distinct “fuzziness” or “fakeness” to them that I could not figure out compared to the razor-sharp images my peers were taking (then again their equipment made my computer look like a pinhole camera).

This one is okay except for the dark rear wheel and I utterly hate how cool these LED flashlights are for light painting
Train passing by
Looking west down Douglas Avenue in Wichita. Taken across two railroad tracks on a bridge, this was as high as I could get my camera. 7-step HDR photo. It honestly looks like a shit cellphone HDR photo and it bugs me but I couldn’t manage anything better.
Light painting these was a bastard and it never turned out well. The white one would just glow and overexpose unless you were super careful and any oblique angle would just absorb light on the silver one.
Single 30-second exposure looking east down Douglas Avenue in Old Town Wichita KS, an ex-industrial area that was revived as a bar crawl party area. I live just down the street from here.
This looks like a magazine photo from the early 2000s. I can’t even really figure out why I don’t like this one.
This looks like a need for speed screenshot. The car looks so fake. I don’t get it.

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