I thought I had retired this car from competition, but the annual Corvette Club of Michigan time trials at Waterford Hills Raceway came around again and I just hate to miss the event. I left the Beetle in the garage and brought out my 10 year old, 150k mile daily driver instead.

Lots of screaming supercharger, a little lift off oversteer, and many missed apexes later I had one hell of a time for $60.

Even got 7.7mpg.

So to all of you out there, find a way to get past the excuses. Get on a track, or to an autocross, or a rallycross, or make a few dragstrip passes. You DON'T need a fancy supercar, you DON'T need a ton of driving skill. You DON'T need a ton of money.


Just go out and play with your car. You owe it to yourself.