Took The FAW Besturn X80 For A Spin Around The Industrial Neighborhood

Hey guys, so FAW, the Chinese company’s local enterprise invited us when they got in the Besturn X80 SUV here. Well basically, the COO of the local venture wanted a fancy car and got this, even though it is LHD in a RHD market.

If I were to remove the badging from this car, and present you to, your opinion would most definitely be that the car reserves a premium feel. And it does actually. I didn’t know before, but Besturn is to FAW what Lexus is to Toyota so the my impression of the premium feel was conformed by my friend who knows a lot more on the Chinese cars. But it was a surprise.


The seats with individual stitching, the finishing on the dash-board, the nicely executed clusters really did surprise us even though it does not pack the sort of technology that you’d get in a Lexus, or Mercedes, but its 1.8 liter turbo-charged engine does pull nicely without any lag or jerk. And the ride is soft but well planted because I got up to 140 KM/H and let the throttle be stable for a moment and then floor it more to see how it pulls after that and it was a 1.8 crossover SUV with a good marks to you there too Besturn.

But there’s Honda’s Vezel (HR-V in some places) also available which is a hybrid crossover SUV and though I haven’t been in one of them but it has even taken away the Audi A4 customer and it looks fantastic. As a DD vehicle for daily chores and stuff, that’d be a definite choice.


I think, you’d expect that level of quality and premium feel from Vezel and Lexus, and we were positively surprised by Besturn X80 because we went there with pretty low expectations. Thus, no pictures and no test drive. It was more sort of a spin out in the neighborhood.


The badges though, they feel cheap...

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