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Took the long way home today

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I hadn’t driven that road in a long time because I now work in the complete opposite direction as this road. I decided to stop today and finally take a photo of what has long been my favorite corner/corners maybe anywhere ive ever driven. Ive never seen it not be utterly gorgeous and picturesque, spring, summer, autumn, winter, it doesn't matter, it always looks great. I love the sweep of these corners up hill or down. Just out of sight in the foreground the road sweeps tightly back to the right of frame and crosses over the small burbling creek. Out of sight up the hill is a straight that end in a blind crest with an old farm house to the right at the top of the crest.


It give me genuine joy to drive those few curves. They are easy, banked corners, they would be a blast to take at speed but I never do as every time I drive this section I want to savor it and drink it in. Hard to describe the atmosphere and how it makes me feel. I have corners I prefer for the technical nature of it, the speed, the way the car moves, etc. But this one is my favorite, for how it makes me feel.

The photo as I took it didn’t show what it really looked like to the naked eye so ive tried to edit it just enough to make it look right. Didn’t really succeed but it will give you an idea. So, what is your favorite corner? Your favorite stretch of road but not your favorite road. Do you have a specific corner or set of corners that you are in love with? Please share them.

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