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Took the Notigale for a test ride today

More commonly known as the Ducati Supersport. Fantastic bike. Best way to describe it really is that it’s a step between a monster and a Panigale.

Riding position is more upright than a full-on sport bike, but it still handles incredibly well. Full tuck position is more akin to monster or SV than a Panigale or Daytona. The tank is easy and comfortable to grip with your knees. Cornering stability is astounding, seriously miles ahead of my monster. Absolutely confidence inspiring.


Quick shift is awesome, but the shifter takes more throw than a monster, almost more than I could do comfortably with stiff riding boots, but it might be easier for someone slightly shorter than I am because they would be less cramped. That being said, I didn’t feel at all cramped riding it and the shifter was my only complaint.

Suspension soaks up bumps nicely and doesn’t squat or dive too much, but it’s still stiffer than a monster or street triple, but not as harsh as an R6/1.

It sounds awesome, better than my monster actually. It snarls and pops and rumbles with the best of ‘em.

It’s fast, but in an approachable way, yet without being boring. It’s easy down on power from my bike, but I never found myself needing more. I would say this would be an awesome bike for anyone, even a beginner due to having multiple riding modes, but it inspires so much confidence that any noob lacking humility would likely wind up like the noob called yammie.


This might be the perfect all around bike if you want the sport bike look and performance, but ridability and comfort of a standard.

For anyone curious, no I don’t regret my monster and would still choose it over this. My monster is more useable to me and I prefer the naked look. But the notigale is a very close second and I wouldn’t hesitate to take it over a Daytona, Street/Speed Triple, any Asian bike.

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