It’s as dry as I can get it, just still some dampness in the footwell insulation. My steering wheel is back together and the horn is working properly, thanks to a random very nice dude from the Monteros USA Facebook page who mailed me a spare horn pad he had lying around.

The tire pressure is a bit off, it think it needs an alignment, and it’s lower on power than usual. It’s running on three cylinders every once in a while, and doing this weird *brrrrr* missing/vibrating thing when I give it gas quickly. I’m thinking the carb is finally dying for real, but it also feels like it could be timing related.


All of that aside, it just made me so happy to drive it after having it parked for months. It makes an event out of any drive, even mundane errands, forces you to think differently, and pay a different kind of attention. I love it.