It’s a 2016 IS350 F-sport. Due for its 5k, which pretty much is just a gallon of washer fluid and a free car wash. Oil is synthetic and not due until 10k, and it has staggered tires so no rotation needed. But it’s free and it looks good for the warranty so what the hell.

This is the first time I really had the chance to get on it. She’s all for spirited driving, but she’s also a chicken when she’s in the right seat so I can’t really push it when she’s in the car. But today I got to drive it alone. I was rather impressed. Good acceleration. Nice flat neutral handling. Responsive shifts in manual mode on the transmission. Even blips the throttle on downshifts. On my way home I’m gonna take it on the scenic route and give it a workout on the nice twisty road near me house.

If I like how it does, I may see if she’ll let me do a track day with it...

Update: Took it to Watkins Glen last Friday. Swapped a set of EBC yellow stuff on it and let ‘er rip.


Verdict: In Sport+, trans in manual and traction control/stability completely off, it was a lot of fun. It could stand bigger brakes and wider (not all season) tires, but it handled well. Fairly neutral handling, maybe a touch towards oversteer, but this is my wife’s car so I didn’t push it all that hard. Biggest problem is the car is too quiet and I kept hitting the rev limiter. Needs louder exhaust.