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Took to BMW to the shop

As I’m running out of time to get ready for the trip to BC. Paid to have remaining mechanical work done and get an inspection done.

Got my new tires installed. The alignment machine showed that my front right toe was out and oddly the rear camber was out of spec in the wrong direction. The semi-trailing arm rear suspension design doesn’t allow for camber adjustment, as the wheel move upwards negative camber increase and as the wheel moves downward. the problem with this is that when you lower the car, negative camber increases. My car has lowering springs but my camber is less negative then BMW specs.


My mechanic also recommended replacing the front pads and rotors due to rust, and the front hoses were cracked (yes the ones that I just looked and said were good). I’m also glad I didn’t do the brake flush myself as the bleeder screws were clogged.

The power steering was flushed as the fluid was dirty and the incorrect type of fluid. The coolant was also flushed as it was “black” (translucent dark yellow with suspended black particles), I thought this was odd as it was last flushed in 2016. Disturbingly after the car was taken off the flush machine and driven around the shop the coolant had gone from the fresh yellow coolant back to “black”, implying that either the coolant hoses are rapidly disintegrating, or that there is a mass of crud somewhere in the coolant or heater system.


The inspection also pointed out that my rear shock lower bushings were worn out, I had replaced these in 2012, so I ordered a set for warranty due to arrive mid Tuesday (might not have time to install before leaving).

The front pad wear sensors were rusted into the old pads and a new sensor wasn’t available intown, I ordered 1 due to arrive Friday. I also ordered a ignition coil as it is the last part of the ignition system I’ve yet to replace, I’ve received the coil and just need to install it.

As far as spare parts I plan on bringing; I ordered a upper rad hose from the dealer for Friday. A bypass hose due to arrive mid Monday.

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This all means the car is mechanically ready to roadtrip. I just have to work on the comfort fixes yet. I’ll have this weekend and Mon/Tues to work on it. Probably leaving Saskatoon on Wedensday, although if shit goes wrong Thursday at the latest. I still haven’t decided on a route to get there or any resting points along the way.

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