Took White IV Out For A Spin...

My MX-5, henceforth known as White IV, has been relieved of daily duties, which are now being ably handled by RAD-740 (aka Drift Fridge).


That said, there’s nothing like driving an automatic wagon all week to make you truly appreciate the Mazda for what it is. With a quicker rack in place and the rest of the suspension dialed just so, I took to the hills to blow off some steam.

A friend joined me in their own, even tidier example - finished in Mariner Blue. The initial drive out left us struggling for grip on the greasy roads. However, upon reaching our stopping point, a happy accident led to us running into a friend of mine who was prepping their 242GT for an upcoming race at their remote workshop. A very cool place, and I do so enjoy randomly running into friends miles out of town.


After a quick snack at the bakery (somewhat of a tradition in these parts), we headed back to town on what were now sunbaked roads, to our immense enjoyment.


It’s just fantastic to have the car finally dialed in and sticking to the road. I can’t wait to add some power. Megasquirt, first - and then maybe, just maybe - a junkyard supercharger. Maybe.

TK out.

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