My "Bigass Present" this year was money to basically organize the garage. At the moment I have a bunch of DIY tool storage and one 30" 1 drawer/1 cabinet Gladiator box.

Obviously I need an actual tool chest so I can retire the ancient, plain box I've been using. I think 3 drawers would be sufficient. If I need more I can buy a middle chest. This will go on top of the Gladiator box, which is about to get casters. I don't need super heavy duty stuff like Snap On, but I also don't want junk that'll rust out or collapse after a few years. The top rated chest on Amazon is from Excel, which I know nothing about, really. Home Depot carries Husky, which is similar in most respects. Then there's Craftsman, which doesn't have the best reputation as of late.

Also going with some metal pegboard from Wall Control, which has holes and slots. My neighbor swears by his.


Also a small bits box, to replace all of the little bins, jars and plastic cups that presently litter my workbench.

I'm also thinking about a small locker for spray paint, fluids, and cleaning supplies. Nothing fancy, like this from Home Depot.


The final job is to make some lumber rails to mount to the ceiling, which will hold some plastic bins for spare Alfa parts. This project, as well as some other DIY organization products, come thanks to... God help me for uttering this name... Pinterest.

There are actually MANY good ideas for managing my power tools, cables, etc. Grumble.


So, what am I missing?