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Tool / Gift Suggestions

My father’s birthday is coming up and he’s a difficult person to shop for. He’s picky about stuff like clothes, doesn’t really actively pursue any hobbies (golf, fishing, etc.). He has a project trucks but again, hes picky about it and changes his mind a lot on what he wants to do it with it.

He does really like tools, but he has almost everything under the sun. He’s a contractor so he’s covered for stuff like hand tools and power tools. He also has a nice little home garage/shop with a good selection of air tools automotive tools, etc.


One thing that I did get him that he really likes is a borescope that wirelessly connects to his iPad. In that vein, I’ve been thinking about a Walabot (thru the wall imager that connects to the phone), but the reviews seem to be pretty split, and it appears to be Android only and he’s got an iPad (he uses a dumb phone).

The family has, on occasion, chipped in to give him “experiences” which he enjoys. My sister lives in Germany so when he goes to visit her we’ve done stuff like one year we rented him a 911 for a day, and last year we got him a ride-along at the ‘Ring in a McLaren 720S. There’s really nothing like that on my radar at the moment, though.


So what say you, Oppo? Any advice or suggestions?

ETA: Tech gifts are probably not a good idea, unless it’s something really simple. For example, my sister and BIL got him the iPad. He uses it to check e-mail and open web pages. Sometimes he takes pictures with it - half of them are of his thumb. I don’t think he knows what “apps” are or how to download and install them. And this isn’t me being a jerk, he’d tell you the same thing. He’s not the kind of person to get enthralled with tech for the sake of tech - so Arduinos, 3D printers, drones, robots, etc. are probably out.

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