10) Will Davison - 2012/Ford FG Falcon/2:08.07

For the 50th anniversary of The Great Race in 2012, many teams ran special tribute liveries. Ford Performance Racing painted their cars identical to the Moffat Ford Dealers Falcons that finished 1-2 in the 1977 race. Will Davison went out and put one of the tribute racers on pole.

9) Glenn Seton - 1992/Ford EB Falcon/2:14:97

After years of the Ford Sierra being the Blue Oval's weapon of choice in Australian Touring Car racing, the legendary Falcon made its return to Mount Panorama in a prelude to the debut of the new 5.0L V8 Supercars formula that occured the next year. The sound of a V8 Falcon for the first time since 1984 sent the Ford fans into a frenzy.


8) Shane Van Gisbergen - 2009/Ford FG Falcon/2:08.82

Few drivers in the world have better car control than Shane Van Gisbergen. In 2009, Van Gisbergen took to the track as it was still drying out. In typical Giz fashion, he gave us a lap to remember.


7) Tom Walkinshaw - 1985/Jaguar XJ-S/2:18.82

Scottish driver Tom Walkinshaw was most well known for his ownership of the Holden Racing Team, but in 1985 his stable ran two Jaguar XJ-S'. The Jags qualified 1-2 and finished the race that way as well. The sound of their V12 engines is perhaps the sweetest ever heard around the mountain.


6) Craig Lowndes - 2009/Ford FG Falcon/2:08.22

There are few people better at putting a stong lap together at Mount Panorama better than Craig Lowndes. In Triple Eight Race Engineering's last year with Ford, the three-time defending champion drove all out, making for a shootout lap that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat.


5) Dick Johnson - 1983/ Ford XE Falcon/ DNF

Dick Johnson is most famous for hitting the rock in Tru-Blu during the 1980 race, but he copped an arguably bigger shunt three years later in the top 10 shootout with the Greens' Tuff Falcon. The team is running a tribute livery to the car this year.


4) Mark Skaife - 2007/Holden VE Commodore/2:07.19

Gunning for his sixth pole position and second in a row, he had to beat a time of a 2:08.07 set by Steven Johnson. Not only did he beat it, he annihilated it, setting a time almost a second faster. Had he not made two small mistakes near the end of the lap, he may have dipped into the 2:06's.


Mark Winterbottom - 2007/Ford BF Falcon/2:07:09

After Mark Skaife set his blistering time, Mark Winterbottom was the last man who could knock the HRT car off pole. With rain clouds looming and running his first ever attempt in the shootout, Frosty was under maximum pressure. The Ford stalwart would not succumb to it.


2) Peter Brock - 1991/ Holden VN Commodore/ 2:16:07

Following his ninth and final win at the mountain in 1987, Peter Brock departed from Holden for a BMW M3, then the Ford Sierra. In 1991, the King moved back to the manufacturer that made him famous, delivering a breath-taking shootout performance in the new VN Commodore.


1) Greg Murphy - 2003/Holden VY Commodore/2:06.86

In 2003, Greg Murphy, teaming with Rick Kelly, dominated the practice sessions and the race, winning his third Bathurst crown. However, what everyone remembers about the Kiwi's performance that year occured in the top 15 shootout, when he delivered a mountain rattling time so unbelievable that it can only be called "The Lap of the Gods."


(Keep in mind I haven't seen every single top 10 shootout lap ever run and this list was put together in somewhat of a rush so if you think I left a good one off please let me know.)