As a European, from time to time you feel quite some envy towards the US car market. You get nearly everything we get for a slice of its (european) price. A 2014 Subaru WRX STi is $35.240 in the USA compared to $54.080 in Germany. And nobody'll sell us a Hellcat with factory warranty. So I decided to look around which extraordinary cars we get exclusively. That resulted in the following (subjective) list:

The Scirocco R is not on my list, although, it'd be THE obvious choice. But a Golf R makes just more sense, has more hp and is not that long for sale.

10. Dacia Lodgy

The Lodgy makes number 1o on my list for being a very relatively safe not hideous looking family hauler with optional seating for 7. That'd not be special. But it's just under $13000! Though you'll end up closer to 20 grand with that black, that you'll only get in a higher trim and the diesel and air-conditioning etc.


9. Lada Taiga 4X4

It's also known as Niva. The changing of the name seems to be the biggest visible change in that offroder's over 30 year-long production-run. It's tougher than the siberian winters and quite handy in the forest. But again, it is a total bargain. Under $10k, you should be able to get a new one. And if you are a hunter, you'll get an additional 10% discount to the 10% discounted price they advertise it with. I guess, only hunters buy those, though.


8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class T-Modell

You get the sedan and the E-Class T, so where's the point? This is one of the best-looking wagons on sale now. But maybe you'll get the upcoming CLA Shooting Brake, but this one looks still more...sophisticated.


7. Mitsubishi Pajero 3-Door

Another SWB truck? Yeah! Because this is one of the last of those models which were conresponsible for the japanese cars' uprising in europe. A hard-wearing body-on-frame worker, which you could transport the dog in as well as drive in a offroad park and get some groceries in the inner-city.


6. Opel Meriva

This is a very clever one. Not too clever, but which some thoughtful gizmos, as the suicide rear door or the bike carrier, which can be pulled out from the rear licence plate area. Also it's a great commuter for people who want to have an easy entry or simply more space than in a B-segment car as the Corsa.


5. Volkswagen up!

Clean design, reasonable price, great fuel economy, avaliable with gas, diesel, natural gas or even electric powertrain. It also feels more grown-up than most competitors.


4. Skoda Superb

Another bargain, it can compeat which the likes of the Audi A6 and starts at about $31k here (yes, that is inexpensive). Also avaliable as a very variable wagon, which is a frequent test winner in various magazins. You can get it with the 1.4 TSI as entry or with the high-end L&K trim and the 3.6 V6 4x4 and DSG for still just about 40k Euros.


3. Citroen C4 Cactus

I love this thing. It was developed with a focus on lightness and innovation, yet it doesn't leave the style aspect out of the game, looking bold, but not heavily built and chic, yet down-to-earth.


2. Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R

Current Nordschleife record-holder with the astonishing time of 7'54"36 Minutes. Features an Akraprovic exhaust system, 273 hp and no backseat...


1. BMW 325d Touring Manual Modern Line

So why is this the #1? It's more an example for the real lack of the US car market. Wagon (though you can get the 3-Series as wagon stateside) and Diesel. But not only that. There are so many options and engine configurations which aren't avaliable overseas. And that limits induviduality.


Long live the european car market and its flood of expensive but induvidual options to equip your car with!

I don't own those pictures. They are property of the respective manufacturers.