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Top 10 Harlem Shakes With Cars

By Alex Hamilton 7 mins ago in Top 10sIt's the dance craze that has taken the world by storm. Let's get some cars in there...




Gangnam Style took 2012 by storm, and this year’s biggest YouTube sensation has been the Harlem Shake. Everyone and their washing machine has been getting involved, but let’s take a look at 10 of the best Harlem Shakes with cars…

10. Titan Motorsport’s Harlem

Not just a nice selection of motors in this Harlem Shake but also a fella on a wheelchair and a golf caddy towing a dude on a skateboard. Top marks!


9. Nebraska Car Nuts’ Harlem

A more interesting take on your standard car meet, this one features loud music and a bum-shaking new Beetle.


8. Kiddnation’s Harlem

It must have been this Mercedes B-class’s lucky day when it found itself draped in beautiful dancing girls.


7. Hoonigan Style Harlem

Take 8 people, one-rear drive drifter and burn rubber. Simple, but effective!

6. 4Banger’s Harlem

Plenty of RHD cars and a chap dressed as a giant bellend. A perfect recipe for an excellent Harlem Shake vid.


5.Red Bull Racing’s Harlem

Here’s what the Red Bull Racing lads in Australia got up to while building Holden VF Commodores.


4. Street Legal Media’s Harlem

More cars than people doing the Harlem Shake in this version. Also features the obligatory chicken.


3. Stance Autoworks’ Harlem

This Harlem Shake is so epic it’s causing earthquakes! Either that or someone needs to tighten the camera’s tripod…


2. Drift Idiot’s Harlem

Ever thought you would see Santa, a unicorn, Deadmau5, a drifting car and a Toyota Previa spinning its wheels in the same video?


1. TeamCT’s Supervan Harlem

Yes, we’re slightly biased, but how can you not love our man Alex K being hit in the face with an exercise ball while Genty drowns himself in cola? Not forgetting Ford’s awesome Super Sport Transit, of course.