Just a quick rundown of 2000’s sedans that, in my eyes, are aging well. Some are drop-dead gorgeous, some are “handsome”, and others...well when the light hits them a certain way they’re nice. Sedans don’t seem to get as much love as their coupé brethren in the enthusiast marketplace, since the coupés are usually the performance oriented models while sedans are usually just commuters. But I think that at least a few of these definitely have future classic potential. *cough*Marauder*cough*anything M or AMG*cough*

Some of these are a bit nostalgic-ish (my parents had a 3rd gen TL and an e46 back in the day), while others are just ‘cause dey’re purdy. I also tried to keep out cars that started production in the ‘90s and/or haven’t been replaced/refreshed yet, so that excludes stuff like the e38, w204, s80, Charger, ES 300, etc. I also kept out any one-offs and/or ultra-luxury sedans, just to keep it in the realm of da wuhkin’ man.


1. Mercedes W211 (2002-2010)

Look at it. Loogaddit. The curves, the headlights, the everything. Perfection.



2. BMW e46 3-series (2000-2006)

One of the last simple yet elegant BMW’s. They didn’t try to puff it up or make it drive like a dreadnought, or throw in 8 gazillion screens and options to distract you from driving.



3. BMW e60 5-series (2003-2009)

It’s a happy medium between the old and the new. It looks very similar to the current 5-series, but it also keeps in line with the clean lines of its predecessors.



4. Cadillac STS (2004-2011)

tied w/ 2nd gen CTS (2008-2013)


Cadillac’s “Art and Science” design language came into its own with these. The STS was the last true Caddy, being RWD, V8, full-size, and pricey. The 2nd gen CTS refined the radical but somewhat blah design of the 1st gen, and made into a true BMW competitor.

5. Mercury Marauder (2004)

Take the official car of mildly racist spinster cat-owning librarians across the U.S., and put a mammoth engine and firm suspension in it. And paint it black. Yassss honey!


6. Honda Accord 7th gen (2003-2008)/Acura TL 3rd gen

A bit of nostalgia here, since my dad had an Acura TL in the mid/late ‘00s. It was a very nice car, great sound system, comfy, and the V6 was plenty powerful. My dad’s owned everything from a Delorean to an e38, and this is one of the few cars that he would buy all over again. According to him, everything was “in the right place”.


People like to knock Honda/Acura for making “boring” cars, but frankly that’s bullshit. Ok, the base models do, but just because you can’t drift doesn’t mean the car sucks. Also, V6.

7. Jaguar XJ8/R (2003-2009)

Just like the animal, this is the product of decades of evolution and careful improvements. Then they made it into a RWD Volvo/Honda baby.


8. Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ (2007-2012) (plus Mercury and Ford variants)


These are the first good Ford sedans in years. They’re bold looking, well thought-out, and comfy without being coma-inducing. Also, the Lincoln model has cooled seats. Cooled fucking seats. Do you even know how amazing that is in the summer?


9. Maserati Quatroporte (2002-2012)

When I was 8, this was my dream car. Still kinda is.


10. Infiniti M series (2002-2005)


Honorable mentions:


VW Phaeton (2002-2006 US, 2002-present EU)

Bentley engine, Audi interior, and VW body? Yup.


Mercedes W204 C Class (2008-present)

Has a sort or sinisterness to it that I like. Not a major villain’s car, though. Like a Wolf O’Donnell or Alex Krycek-level baddy. Also, it’s what my dad has now.


Chrysler 300 (2004-2010)

If this had a theme song, this would be it