Jalopnik’s “A Car Nerd’s Guide To Japan” series is fantastic; and even more fantastic are the original, insightful, well researched comments. I’ve compiled the top 5 comments I’ve seen so far, to give credit to the true car enthusiasts who dutifully represent all of our collective opinions on Japanese car culture. Without further ado...

5. “Is it bad that the (one unmodified car in the entire article, that you can probably see at any American cars and coffee) is the only one I’d drive?”

4. “How does Ferrari let people get away with customizing their cars like that?” Better send in the fucking Carabinieri

3. “These cars would be perfect except the bolts are exposed, which completely and utterly ruin them.”


2. “Wow, they really love shitty, ugly, cheap looking fender flares that all look exactly the same over there.” Scathing...

1. “How dare these people on the other side of the world, whose culture I have absolutely zero grasp of, modify their own cars in a way which I find distasteful.”