We all know and have seen pictures of that underground garage somewhere in Munich where BMW hides its stillborn cars. So far we have lusted after the M8 and the E34 convertible, the E36 M3 Compact, and their -aminos. So let’s take a look at a few lesser known creations. Since everything has to be a list with you guys now, they will be, SURPRISE!!!!, presented as a list.

5. E39 M5 Touring

Why on earth does it have to be a one-off? I could seriously see them selling these.

4. E32 with E34 M5 engine


Again, why not just sell a few these?

3. 8 series convertible


Merc SL fighter anyone?

2. V12 E37 Z3


1. V16 E32


This monstrosity is reportedly named “goldfish”.

Hmmm, that’s a well ventilated trunk! “Can somebody please think of the dead hookers?” or what?


Well, not exactly much space for dead hookers.


To shoehorn this thing under the hood, they had to put the radiators (plural) in the back!

(photo credit: Auto-Motor-und-Sport.de)