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Top 7 Ways Mechanics Rip Off Consumers - The Podcast

I spend my time suing manufacturers over defective cars and from time to time I sue a mechanic or two. Along the way I have come across pretty much every way a mechanic can rip off a consumer. Here are my favorites, in podcast form.

The subject of mechanics ripping off consumers has come up here before. I know because every time I write about it, a few of them go nuts and fill the comment sections with vitriol. Usually before they have bothered to read what I wrote.


Previous columns which brought the hate were “The I Can’t Let You Leave Brake Scam,” “Your Car Was Damaged While In The Shop - Who Pays?”, and “Top 5 Ways Mechanics Rip Off Customers.” Yes, I’ve expanded the list.

Again, I am not saying all mechanics rip off everyone they meet. I am saying that these things happen and you are wise to watch out for them. That’s all. Of course, many mechanics have not read this far and are already filling the comments with their hate. That’s fine. I’ve learned to embrace the hate.

Here’s the audio:


And the video:

The top shot is of a car I saw for sale by the side of the road the other day. Not relevant to the topic in particular but it sure was shiny!


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