DAY 3 - Robbinsville, NC to Robbinsville, NC

Today was an epic day of many turns and zero progress in my journey across the country. I woke up around 9, had a couple granola bars, and then did like 4 runs on the dragon! It had rained overnight and was still on and off that morning so it was a little wet. Top was still down the whole time though!

Some beautiful views up at the top! Aside from all of the leaves on the ground in some places and the cold nights, fall is the perfect time to be down here. Less of the car groups that you find in the summer but still warm enough to find grip out there. Eventually I got tired of repeating the road and getting stuck behind locals who refuse to pull off. So I went back to my cabin for some lunch.


After a nice burger and some pretzels, I embarked for the afternoon on a journey East to find Wayah road followed by 28 all the way back to the Dragon. This took up the rest of the day. I even got to experience my first roadside repair of the trip, a bad headlight bulb! Replaced by me at Autozone with a similar enough light.

Little bit melty, I think it got wet.

Overall a very fun day and quite the adventure. It dried up for my evening runs on the dragon and I found some cool Toyota 86 guys to play with right at my speed. Nice to have people going your pace! Now it’s time for spaghetti and meatballs made on the camp stove. Tomorrow morning I head West via the Cherohala Skyway and then across Tennessee via route 64 and ending up in Memphis for the night in an airbnb. Looking forward to the relaxing day of just cruising. I’m sore! Hoping to also find good food in Memphis and take a nice walk to stretch my legs.