DAY 4 - Robbinsville, NC to Memphis, TN

Sorry, I took like no photos today! Just a couple at the end of the day in Memphis since it was foggy in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. But I will tell the story anyways. Today I drove from my cabin in NC over the Cherohola Skyway, starting just before sunrise. It was completely deserted up there so I shaved 20 whole minutes off Google maps directions to Tellico Plains, TN. Some absolutely stunning views up there too and the leaves were perfectly peaked (past peak at the very top). I was enjoying the drive too much to stop for anything though. Eventually I ate some breakfast that I packed while stopped in some rural town that I’ve never heard of. And then I used Google maps avoid highways to get to Memphis. It was quite the adventure through the hills of Tennessee! Eventually it flattened out a bit and just became 65mph roadway on Route 64. But at least I ended up shaving a solid half hour off plus the hour in time zone change at some point along the way.

I had a nice walk around Memphis downtown and had dinner at Central BBQ. Spectacular ribs and wonderful sides of baked beans and Mac n cheese. I was pleasantly stuffed and then went home to enjoy my Airbnb. Nice to have a little taste of civilization before I embark on 5 days of camping in all new locations to me.


I’m especially excited about the drive tomorrow through Arkansas. Direct route from here is about 4 hours and 300 miles. But my planned route is 10 hours and 500 miles. And 250 of that is of course all crazy twisty and scenic stuff. The Miata is still doing great and chugging through so it will be another day of #becauseracecar!

Now for the next few days, I might be out of contact a bit due to cell service but I will update when I can! Looking to be quite the adventure ahead of me. The walk today felt great for my legs so I’m hoping to do more of that as the trip goes on. I was feeling quite cooped up and sore today. Now I’m a bit more limber and well fed. I should get extra sleep too with daylight savings. Although it guarantees I’ll be setting up camp in the dark.


EDIT: Almost forgot! The church signs today! Here were my favorites that I saw. Tennessee sure loves their snarky church signs.

Autumn leaves, Jesus doesn’t

Get right, or get left!

“My way IS the highway” - God