More accurately top five favorite cars. If the list was the 5 objectively best cars I’ve it would be different.

Number 5. Lapras a 1997 Accord EX. I got it as a trade for my 97 GSR that was a basket case with no title. It had 218,000 miles on it, and ran great. The F22b1 was a beautiful torquey motor, and it was reliable for the 5,000 miles I drove it for. I sold it after buying my 2001 Civic EX that really wasn’t as good, but was a lot prettier.

Number 4. Lucy a 1991 Galant VR-4. Its a blast. But it’s also a PITA. but I bought because I wanted a car that would test, and improve my skill as a “mechanic”. It has broadened my horizons I’ve don’t lost of repairs and maintenance work that I’d never done before. There are no plans to replace it, just keep restoring it, and hopefully keep it forever. Unless some one asks to trade it for a 1g.

Number 3. Kanji a 1999 Civic EX. It was my second car, and first manual car. Also the first car I got over 100mph, my Camry couldn’t do it. Lol. It was a great car, I only had it for 8 months because car number 1 popped up on CL and I had to have it.


Number 2. The Bullfrog, a 1997 Tacoma LE, 4x4, manual, V6. This truck was plan bad ass. If I wasn’t an idiot I would still have it, but I had to choose between it and car number 1, and I’ve never really been a truck guy.

The plate was my Dads. Boston Red Soxs 4 New York 3


Number 1. Jane, or MJ(yes like Spiderman’s girlfriend) a 1991 Civic. I Loved this car. I still do. It’s the only car I really want back. I will own another one. I had so much fun in this car, occasionally too much. It was the definition of the “slow car fast” idea. Plus it was super practical, as long as you didn’t need to carry more than two adults, and I never did, that’s what my buddies minivan was for. This car took a lot of 19-21 year old abuse. The only bad part about it was the ricey headlights I had to buy after I hit a deer.

Here’s a pic of it before I molested it.