5) Bombardier Challenger 650

The largest plane I’ve flown. It’s very comfortable, but very old-school in the way everything works. Human factors meant a different thing when this was designed. Mostly only on the list because of its size, and as we all know that matters.

4)Piaggio Avanti II

Reliability for this was not it’s strong suit. It’s a hand-built Italian airplane. Read that last sentence again. I had more emergency/abnormal situations in this than any other airplane in my career. But, just look at it. Extremely fuel efficient and quiet inside, and exceptionally fast for a turbo-prop.


3) American Champion Super Decathlon

Aerobatics are fun. Extremely easy to fly, even as a tail-dragger. Anything with a ratchet strap in the seat belt is a win in my book. Plus the seats are designed so you can wear a parachute. The only bad thing was sometimes when flying knife-edge the windows would go from convex to concave making a loud bang - unnerving the first few times.


2) Lear 35

First jet I flew. Performance was exceptional, lots of fun to fly. I have a few hours in this exact one.


1) T-6 Texan

This was just such a visceral experience. Great at big, lazy aerobatics. Lots of fun to just tool around 500' off the ground with great visibility and a great noise.


Runners up: Cessna Caravan (super easy to fly), Bellanca Super Viking (just weird - wood laminate wing!), and J-3 cub (with the door and windows open, low and slow)