It took the magazine 13 months to find a car to test, because they had to find an owner that had won Ferrari an IMSA constructor's championship, and was therefore immune to the normal threats from Maranello. In '96 you could only get your hands on a leased flagship prancing horse with a $240,000 down payment, the right answers on a questionnaire, and direct approval from HQ. None of this journalist road testing nonsense for the it-might-be-inferior-to-it's-father F50.

It's a seriously entertaining read, and a reminder that these shenanigans are nothing new. In fact, you might say Ferrari is being pretty damn relaxed this time around, when you look at some of the shit they've pulled.

As for McLaren, I guess they're just following F1 spinoff supercar company tradition.

Read the C&D story here.


I also remembered that old Chris Harris post, where he describes all the ways Ferrari screws with journalists and owners.

Basically these two car companies are that guy at every car show that insists his Eclipse has two turbos and runs a 10 second quarter mile but won't even let you open the hood.


Stay classy, McLararri.