Since the beginning of Top Gear USA, everyone has been clamoring on about a USA vs UK Top Gear episode, much like the UK vs Australia and "Top Gear vs. the Germans." I personally find this proposition uninteresting.

For one, the episode won't have anything that we haven't seen before. Beyond the now familiar double-decker car races and a circuit/rally race, we'd be able to expect a lot of (one sided) nation-bashing and UK cheating. In the end, it will be no surprise that the BBC will make it's top tier original program victorious over the bottom tier knockoff of the original top tier program.

But what if the BBC was not the head honcho in this whole ordeal? What if there was a genuine competition between American and British factual shows? For years before Top Gear USA I had thought that a Top Gear vs. the Mythbusters episode would be entertaining. (for those unaware of the Mythbusters, see the video below) Both shows have sizable experience with cars and "challenges," and both have the budgets, resources, and experience to build the projects. Let's explore how "Top Gear vs. the Mythbusters" would go down.



It's important that there be just one global version for this episode, so the title sequence should be a creative mash-up of the Mythbusters and Top Gear intros. As a point of reference here's a sample opening from each show.

Granted, mashing these two seemingly unrelated intros would be pretty difficult, so it might also work if the Top Gear intro was merely precluded by the familiar Mythbusters "Don't try this at home."



It makes the most sense for the show to begin in the Top Gear studio. For one, it's a studio, but also we must keep in mind that Top Gear's global viewing audience greatly surpasses that of Mythbuster's and as such, the episode should begin in a familiar setting. Jeremy should probably give a quick two sentence explanation before the picture fades into dramatic panning shots of M5 Industries (Mythbusters HQ).

So, I just realized this is way a more detailed description than I intended, and as such, y'all will have to wait until Part 2 for a description of the Challenges and the rest of the show.