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The only bad thing that happened this weekend while I was adventuring in Sequoia was that a small tear which had developed in the Miata’s roof shortly after buying it got WAY worse suddenly. I had put the top up while hiking on Friday and then putting it down after my hike, I heard a bad sound as the roof folded back. I put it back up and this is what it looked like! I have looked and made sure something wasn’t impacting the top, especially from my recent roll bar installation. So it must have been improperly adjusted and then putting it up/down has torn it. It is stupid since my other Miata never had this problem, even with my antics of putting the top down in sub 0F weather (not recommended below 40F due to material damage risk). It did eventually develop a small pinhole in one of the corners but it never got worse or leaked. This is obviously a major fault and I will have to investigate why it happened before trying to install another roof.

Illustration for article titled Top ripped (stress tear of some sort)

My quick fix involved duct tape that I had on hand so that it wouldnt leak during the rain on the ride back to camp. It is a large hole though so every time I put the top up/down it needs to be retaped. So for now, top will not go back up ever again if I can help it. The car is parked indoors at home anyways so its not like I NEED a roof. I am just now committed to the top down life since I doubt I will ever bother replacing it.

Only upside is that I wanted a black top and at least this gives me an excuse if I get around to it.

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